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Dear Work, go to HELL.

Yesterday was really just not very good.  Of course, I was fine until I got to work.  Then all hell broke loose.  Let's all keep in mind that this is one day's worth of incidents.

First, there's a memo for me, with my name spelled wrong.  I've been working there a year.  This memo is basically a lecture on how to do my job, all contained neatly in a memo.  Who does that?  I know how to do my job.  I didn't quite get when the memo was driving at until....

The call from my supervisor.  Oh boy.  Apparently something didn't get done, and it's magically my fault.  I was being accused of just plain not doing something, and vicariously making someone else do it.  The horror!  Ok um, the thing is I A; am pretty sure I did, in fact, do said task, B; why would I all of a sudden decide not to do something that I have been doing for a year?, and C; most of the equipment is within inches of death, so, Ms. Supervisor, did you ever think that maybe it was the equipment, and not me?

I tried a similar task last night, AND the equipment failed 3 times, with each time taking at least 45 mins. to complete.

Oh but it goes on.  Here's a sample.
Supervisor: Why didn't you put away the *stuff*?
Me:  Someone else did it before I did.  I came in on Sunday and it was already done.
Sup: Didn't you see the note that said for you to do it?
Me:  No, I don't recall there being a note.
Sup:  Well, did you really look at the bulletin board, or just glance at it?
Me:  Yes, I always look at the board, and there was not a note. 
Sup:  You must not have looked, there was a note.
Me: Ok. (There's no winning this one.)
  *side note* there was not a note.  I always look.

Sup:  I don't like it when the workers don't finish all their assigned tasks and other people have to make up for it.
And it goes on.  Basically berating me in a circular conversation that goes on for 20 minutes, over the phone. 

I get upset fairly easily, so I was still pretty shaken from this phone call for more that an hour after it ended.  I ended using tomorrow's thing instead of today's thing, which earned me another phone call.  I have stopped taking calls from people I work with, except when I am actually at work.

Dear Supervisor,
I hate working there, and I am seriously considering leaving despite the fact that I don't have another job lined up.  I already typed my resignation letter, and I also put dates on it.  When I quit, I'm going to tap-dance out of there and never look back. 

But I'm waiting.  Waiting for you to plan yet another vacation so I can ruin it.  Just like how this job has ruined my mental health.  I'd tell you sooner, but I don't want to train my replacement. 

You also screwed up and assigned me more than 40 hours this week.  I'm not going to say anything, and instead let you get in trouble for letting me work more than 40 hours. 

Love, Me


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May. 21st, 2008 07:54 am (UTC)
That really sucks. I hope you find another job soon. I don't get harassed by my co-workers, but customers can be horrible! It's amazing how rude people can be to complete strangers.
Apr. 13th, 2010 03:32 pm (UTC)
Hy sweetie! This is miyuloli, we are friends on my other journal (miyuloli.livejournal.com). This is my new journal, I won't be using the old one any more so if you want to stay friends with me please add me ^_^ Thank you and sorry to bother about it.

(sorry for leaving it here, LJ allows me only certain number of private messages per day D:)
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